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I moved to Kansas City in 2019 and immediately saw that, when it comes to food, KC has a wealth of diverse and storied eateries to try.  This excited me, as I love trying new food.  So, I decided to go on a quest; I wanted to get to know Kansas City through its food.  You can learn a lot about a place through its local food hot spots.  So, I started sampling what KC had to offer.  In this blog, I will let you know about my experiences.  I have been here two years and while in many respects, I am starting to feel like a local, there is still so much for me to learn.  Whether you are a Kansas City local looking to find a new hometown favorite or someone looking for an excuse to come try out the KC food scene, I hope you will follow along and get to know KC, alongside me.

Il Larraz….I mean Il Lazzarone

Almost every time I think of Il Lazzarone, I mistakenly call it Il Larrazone.  Seriously, every freaking time.  I have been to the place numerous times now, since moving to Kansas City.  I have fallen in love with it’s pizza, marveled at it’s authentic wood fire oven, shipped directly from Naples, and have been thoroughly … Continue reading Il Larraz….I mean Il Lazzarone

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